Chernobyl Rose Hedge a virtual monument to nuclear disaster
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Chernobyl Rose Hedge is an art project launched in 2017. A virtual network of roses will cover the destroyed Chernobyl power plant.

It grows through collective action and forms a decentralized monument.

In 2017, one hundred years after the Russian Revolution and 30 years after the Chernobyl disaster, a giant structure was slid over the destroyed reactor. This New Safe Confinement (NSC) is designed to prevent uncontrolled leakage of radioactivity over a hundred-year period.

But are engineering skills enough to withstand wars, revolutions and climatic changes?

Current events make this promise seem just as doubtful as a look back in history.

Let's create a rose hedge together to strengthen the promise of technology.

By dropping roses on the surface of the confinement - symbolic of all present and future sacrifices - their stems will intertwine into a strong braided shield of wishes and hope for a peaceful future.
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art project by Copa & Sordes

Dimensions of the shelter:
165m large
260m wide
110m high

Dimensions of the rose hedge to cover the NSC:
165m large
370m wide