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Chernobyl Rose Hedge a virtual monument to nuclear disaster

Draw and Send your Corona Roses

Corona Cluster

The virus spreads like nuclear dust. Transform it into a sign of spring and hope.

Send a flower-ball for the Chernobyl Rose Hedge.

During these days you stay at home – maybe instead of your holydays abroad.

Take a sheet of paper, pencil or whatever you have and paint beautiful flowers.

Send them by facebook

or contact us by mail: copaetsordes@datacomm.ch

Klimainfarkt, Kunstraum Egg, CH 22.3. - 10.5.20
cancelled for covid-19

Kaliningrad Roses

Fabrics with the Berlin Roses

Videocity, NCCA / Katharsis, Kaliningrad (Ru)
Painting roses at the library Katharsis

Blumen am Rand eines alten Kraters, Bildwechsel Berlin (D)
Painting roses together for Chernobyl Rose Hedge
24./25. 5. 2019

fabrikculture, Hégenheim (F)
6. / 7. 4. 2019: studio presentation

2018: Cité internationale des Arts, Paris
19.12.2018: Open Studio

2017: tête, Berlin
lounch of Chernobyl Rose Hedge in the context of the group exhibition „die nächsten 100 Jahre?“